We have an all-or-nothing policy. If you decide to buy insurance cover, you must insure every box for the destination address you are shipping to.

It is advised for you to take some photographs of your items after sealing your boxes.

We know how much your belongings mean to you. However, sometimes stuff happens. Godzilla may decide to show up for exercise for all we know. So you may want to get insurance cover, for those unpredictable and unfortunate events.

In the event of a package loss or severe damage, you must notify us within 7 days after receiving your items, or 7 days after our despatch notice email.

You will also need to complete the formal claim form in the following 23 days.

Don’t worry, we will guide your through the process.

Our amazing All Risk Insurance Cover provides protection if one of your suitcases, boxes, or other individually packed items is lost or totally damaged.

All risk insurance cover

per box or individually
packed item
covering a maximum of £200 per box


No insurance urchased

£30 per box
maximum compensation

since we don’t open your boxes to check what’s inside (only X-ray), we can’t cover the content.